Independent reviews of "Invasive Native Species":


"Quite a heavy, in your face sound straight aware, but this captures you. A very strong sound and on key. Some great solo pieces with the guitar that stood out too! A fantastic beat that keeps you listening all the way through!"

" The production of this song was good. It is top notch. It sounds like it was produced by accomplished music producers or a live band since it has an original and organic sound. Overall, it was nice to hear. And the lyrics could be about anything. I can come up with my own lyrics if I want to. I like that about the song. It leaves it empty so you can have your own fun with it. Add your own lyrics.

"Strong instrumental that sounded like the perfect backdrop for a heavy metal illusionist's show. Full of energy, the arrangement was good and the performance of the instrumentals was solid. You can't go wrong with electric guitar.

"Intro was very energetic and rocking. Instrumentals were easy to recognize and nicely put together. Only thing would have made it better would be lyrics. Put me in a dancing mood. The drums and the guitars were very nice.

"I LOVE THE ELECTRONIC VIBES!!!! the guitar solos in the beginning gets the song started great! This song could make anyone just get up and start to dance. Love the beat and love the sound! This soundtrack is moving on up. Possibly can make the top 10's!

Lovers of rock and roll instrumental. This song rocks man! The drums keep it upbeat and the guitars do an amazing job keeping me interested into what comes next! I can't wait to hear what else these guys put out next! Shred it up guys !"

"Raucous, abrasive in a good and tones introduce this. I am waiting to hear words..lyrics, But 30 seconds in decide this must be entirely instrumental? It is well played. Percussion is well done. It s well instrumented. The guitar rifts are amazing and well played.

“This is already a good song. Wow... The solos in the beginning were really really good. I can see something like this being on a video game. It was awesome. Very up beat and sounded like a heavy metal concert. If only they had some lyrics with the instrumentals it would have been so 

 Independent reviews of "Robo Intuition":

“cool choked guitar intro. took me from the 90s to the 80s in the first change. I like the drummer snare work. The guitars

clash, but in a pleasing way, with the delays attacking each other to make some cool sonic effects. I think the bass tone is

great right before the drums change feel. The progression of this song is amazing, these guys are great pysch jammers. The

drummer really has a grasp on different feels and kills the changes. I don't know where I'd market these guys outside of the live arena, but i think they'll sell records form the live platform for sure.”

“I like ruff around the edges sound. The music reminds me of Rocky balboa walking into a tough battle. I love the mystery of

the guitarist. He runs this song, and he is the star of this track. The guitarist jumps through a lot of effects. I wouldn't be

surprised if he did the drums as well...the fills on the drums are incredible and dreaming. I love the way the snare sounds! I can get into this.”