A native of Queens and Brooklyn, NY, much of Frank's music is colored by his early street life experiences. Initially inspired by seeing the Beatles on TV, and later getting his first electric after hearing the Kiss "Alive" album at age 12, Frank was hooked on the sound of electric guitar. From the start, lessons were a disappointment so he quickly learned self reliance. Frank moved to South Florida in his 20's and spent countless hours studying all the greats- B.B. King, Hendrix, Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Judas Priest, AC DC and Black Sabbath to name a few, with his tastes expanding to modern rock like the Police and jazz fusion, and later earning his certification in Music Education and studying jazz guitar while performing in the big bands and ensembles. Since the mid 90's Frank has played lead guitar in S. Florida rock cover bands, taking pride in playing highly accurate "note for note" versions of the classics. Past bands include 60's, 70's and 80's tributes, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart and Neil Diamond tribute bands. Modern influences are Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Andy James and many other progressive players. 

Writing instrumental music continues to be his primary passion. " I do not use loops, beats or samples in my music. I take pride in creating all parts on my own including the drum programming which allows me to play virtually the drum parts I hear in my head. I strive to create original sounding music that does not follow the tried and true format, infusing elements of surprise and try to connect with the listener emotionally using the guitar as a vocal communicator. My songs are not mainstream by any means and are intended to leave it up to your imagination as to what imagery you might conjure up with your eyes closed, as opposed to lyrics which dictate to you what is going on. I am activley working towards having my music placed in films or tv and collaborating with producers to enhance their projects. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I do creating them!"