I'm an indie instrumental rock songwriter writing emotional rock music for direct placement in TV shows, movies and videos. All my songs feature strong emotions and can help a producer or writer convey what they intended their audience to feel. We all know how certain songs made our favorite classic scenes so memorable and touched us emotionally where words fell short. 

There is also an added benefit to a good piece of music-  Music and sounds in general are carriers of energy and can be therapeutic, affecting the cells within our bodies and in turn, our health- both physical and mental.This has long been proven in countless studies so if I can help the listener escape for a few moments and let their mind make a connection to create a feeling that moves them in some way, that is the ultimate achievement or standard of success for me. 

 I can also collaborate with you on your own musical or visual project to get you the right guitar parts recorded that will help you reach your goal. Please see an example of my work with an up and coming hip hop artist below and check out my Koji link to  contact me there or at ftguitar@gmail.com for more info. Thanks and hope you enjoy :) Best, Frank

Newest Music release- Hallowed Souls-

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